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What if you could elevate your client experience starting with your emails?

Sometimes an email swipe file is all you need to feel like an email ninja and get back to the work that actually pays the bills.

Now available is the Interior Designer’s Email Template Suite, 90 professionally written email templates to help you elevate your client experience without staring at a blinking cursor. 


When you’re charging top-dollar for your interior design services, it’s important that you nurture your clients throughout their experience and continue to sell your brand. One of the best ways to do that is with consistent, clear, and concise communications throughout the design process. 


These are the same emails I’ve used to foster my own 6-figure interior design business with clients over the last decade. They are polished, professional, and ready for you to plug-and-play in your business today.


  • Save endless hours with 90 pre-written emails for every stage in the design process 
  • Plug-and-play templates make it easy to pop in the details 
  • Easy to customize and use with a Customer Service management tool such as Dubsado or Honeybook for automation that really takes your brand to the next level. 
  • Emails for every stage of the design process from initial client inquiry to project closeout. 
  • Includes emails for communicating with trades, vendors, receivers, and other industry professionals. (See “What’s Included” Tab for details.) 

Instant Access to…

  • Google Doc with 90 pre-written email you can customize for your client experience.
  • Instructions for use

1.0 Project Inquiry & Client Acquisition

  • Interested in working together?
  • Confirmation: We Received your Info
  • Discovery Call Confirmation
  • Discovery Call 24-Hour Reminder Email
  • Follow up #1 - No Response
  • Follow up #2 - No Response
  • Follow up #3 - No Response - Final Email
  • Not a fit - Reply

2.0 Design Consultation

  • Invitation to book Consultation
  • Consultation Confirmation + Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Questionnaire Reminder
  • Consultation 48-hour Reminder
  • Post-Consultation - Thank you / Proposal forthcoming
  • Post-Consultation - Thank you / Notes (No next steps)

3.0 Client Onboarding & Pre-Design Work

  • Proposal, Agreement & Retainer Delivery
  • Consultation Confirmation + Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Proposal, Agreement & Retainer Reminder #1
  • Proposal, Agreement & Retainer Reminder #2
  • Proposal, Agreement & Retainer Reminder #3
  • Invitation to VIP Waitlist (Paid Waitlist)
  • Confirmation: Paperwork Received
  • Welcome! Project Kick-off & Milestone Dates
  • Welcome Email - (Waitlist) You’re scheduled to start
  • Homework Request / Reminder
  • Deep Dive Follow up & Next Steps {prep for Concept Design}
  • Project Portal Invitation
  • Meeting Request with Contractor/Architect/Builder

4.0 Concept Design Phase

  • Concept Design Mid-Phase Update
  • Concept Design Presentation - 1 Week Out (Optional)
  • Concept Design Presentation - 24 Hour Reminder (Virtual or In-person)
  • Concept Design Presentation Delivery (Asynchronous Presentation)
  • Concept Design Follow Up {Thank you and deliver copies}
  • Concept Design Feedback Needed
  • Concept Design Revisions and Next Steps

5.0 Design Development (DD) Phase

  • Trade Day Date Planning (Client)
  • Trade Day is Scheduled
  • Trade Day Meeting - Request to Schedule (with Subs/Vendors)
  • Trade Day Meeting - Confirmation (with Subs/Vendors)
  • Trade Day Meeting - 24-hour Reminder (with Subs/Vendors)
  • Trade Day Meeting - Follow up (with Subs/Vendors)
  • Trade Day Meeting - Follow up (to Client)
  • Request for Quote (to Subs/Vendors)
  • Request for Quote - Received (to Subs/Vendors)
  • Request for Quote - Revision - (to Subs/Vendors)
  • Quote Approved by Client - (to Subs/Vendors)
  • Quote Declined - (to Subs/Vendors)
  • Weekly Update
  • Design Presentation - 1 Week Out
  • Design Presentation - 24 Hour Reminder
  • Design Presentation - Immediate Follow up & Next Steps
  • Design Presentation - Feedback Needed
  • Design Development Revisions & Next Steps

6.0 Implementation Phase & Project Wrap

  • Request for Retainer Payment
  • Your Project Timeline
  • Weekly Update
  • Notes from Site Visit
  • A Reselection is Required
  • Notice of an Issue
  • Vendor: Purchase Order
  • Vendor: Order Follow up
  • Vendor: File a Claim
  • Delivery Date Confirmation
  • Warehouse: Incoming Orders
  • Warehouse: Delivery Request
  • Installation Planning - 2-4 Weeks Out (to Client)
  • Installation Confirmation Date
  • Installation Day Before Reminder
  • Installation Day After Follow up and Next Steps
  • Punch List Update
  • Post Occupancy - Feedback & Testimonial Request
  • Custom Item - Vendor Thank you

7.0 Universal Email Templates

  • Scheduling
    • Request to Schedule Meeting
    • Meeting Scheduled - Confirmation
    • Meeting Scheduled - 24-hour Reminder
    • Out of Office Autoresponder
    • Upcoming Time Away
  • Payments & Invoicing
    • Invoice or Retainer Send for Payment
    • Invoice Reminder #1
    • Invoice Reminder #2
    • Invoice Reminder #3 - Final
    • Payment Receipt
    • Account Review
    • Additional Service with new proposal & invoice
  • Troubleshooting
    • Your Feedback is important
    • Checking in
    • We may not be the best fit
    • FAQ: Designer Pricing Policy
    • FAQ: How we source
    • FAQ: Communications Policy Reminder
    • FAQ: Sharing Vendor Invoices
    • Covid Policy

Q. How quickly will I receive my template?

A. As lighting fast as the internet gods will allow. You will receive an email with your Google Doc Template link usually instantly but do allow up to 10 minutes.

Q. Do I need to customize this template for each project?

A. Yes (and no). This template includes most of the language you will need and writing prompts to help you fill in the rest. Every project is different and so yes, each email will need to be customized to a degree.

Q. Can I incorporate this template into my project management software like Dubsado or Honeybook?

A. Yes! In fact we took into account that most designers use a CRM software so we kept this as a simple Google Doc where you can make edits for your “Email Templates” and once complete, you can copy and paste into whatever software you use.

Due to the nature of this digital product, refunds are not permitted.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

This purchase may not be shared with your industry friends. To read the full terms and conditions of your purchase, please click here.

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